As a widely published and internationally acknowledged ethicist, Gary Chartier can use his skills, experience, and insights to help you:

  • enhance your organizational culture in order to foster meaning and purpose
  • develop policies that effectively address ethical quandaries
  • explore the ethical dimensions of your mission and vision
  • clarify the issues at stake in ethical dilemmas
  • encourage conversations among board members, executives, front-line employees, and other stakeholders regarding ethical challenges
  • frame your organization’s responses to ethical challenges for both internal and external stakeholders
  • support employees in developing characters that will prepare them to deal sensitively, creatively, and  courageously with ethical issues 
  • empower the members of your team to grow and flourish
  • reflect on perspectives that illuminate ethical concerns
  • welcome spirituality in the workplace while respecting employees’ religious diversity and autonomy and remaining focused on your mission
  • plan, identify, measure, assess, and strengthen your organization’s social impact while buttressing its core mission

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